About Us

Celebrate Paradise, Inc. is an internet-based South Florida marketing, promotions and event planning firm dedicated to serving those who’ve committed to living a tropical lifestyle. Our company was formed in December of 2007 and originally went by the name, FtLaudi Gras. Our intentions were to help everyone become what our moniker stated, which is a tropical lifestyle enthusiast.

This Wonderful Lifestyle

We quickly realized that this wonderful lifestyle that we were so fond of had a universal appeal that could not be confined by geographical boundaries. Not wanting to deny others what we’re experiencing on a daily basis, an overwhelming desire came over us to share this with the rest of the world.

First-Class Entertainment and Events

In a world full of events and event planners, Celebrate Paradise stands alone in our unique ability to not only provide first-class entertainment and events, but also to create experiences that are designed to totally immerse our members and patrons into a lifestyle they were led to believe only existed in dreams. This is Celebrate Paradise….Gotta Come, Gotta See, Gotta Do!!

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