The term culture can and often does take on many meanings when speaking of Florida’s rich historical and multi-ethnic past. We are truly the living, breathing embodiment of diversity and with that comes a constant forming, reforming and the creating of new concepts and ideas in all facets of our lives. We have truly been blessed with the unique ability to simply walk out of our front doors into a world that serves us the treasures of the world. In Florida we’ve taken the world, spun it and came up with a new reality that caters to your every need.  Our culture is both proud and pronounced with a style and flair that you will yearn to call your own. We are a gateway to creativity and a portal to better living as well as a major resource guide for future trends. Visiting Florida offers one an opportunity to travel and experience the world without a passport.  The fine dining of Europe, the natural beauty of the Caribbean, the universal rythms of Africa and an international appeal that simply can’t be summed up with mere words.  The invitations have been extended, the call to action is now here, let’s all do Florida!

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