For all that you’ve seen and heard of and about our great state, Florida really can’t  be placed in its proper prospective until you’ve experienced its lifestyle as a native. Knowing this,  Celebrate Paradise has taken on the lofty and oh so pleasurable task  of indoctrinating visitors and shall we say our lost native bretheren alike in the finer points of tropical living and the Florida lifestyle. Through our lifestyle social events, stories via our website, newsletter and social media campaigns we intend on bring ing you the best of what it means to live life as a Floridian. The food,  fashion, music, art, blended cultures and the passion that drives who and what we are, can now be found in one source, Celebrate Paradise. Florida will bathe  you in a myriad of cultural experiences and locations, while guiding you to the lifestyle you’ve long dreamt of living. Let’s all celebrate paradise!

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