Celebrate Paradise The Magazine would like to take this time to introduce ourselves to the residents and visitors of the great State of Florida. Over the years we’re sure a great number of you have had exposure to the many lifestyle publications that promote our way of life. The major difference between our magazine and all the others you’ve likely encoutered is that, not only do we inform you of what Florida has to offer, but we specialize in helping you to experience it through our relationships with the many of the businesses and venues throughout the state. It’s simply not enough for us to point our readers in a certain direction, we pride ourselves on on being proud Floridians who’d like nothing more than to share this great lifestyle with the rest of the world. For years Florida has been known as a gateway and introduction to many of the world’s great cultures. Celebrate Paradise The Magazine does this unlike any other publication currently on the market. We believe we have more to offer because of our unique approach to telling Florida’s story in its entirety. The secret ingredients in our ‘sauce” for success lies in the belief and strength of our cultural diversity and specializing on how to access and capitilize on it for our readers. Prepare yourself for a truly world class journey as we bring you Florida from an explorer’s perspective. Florida’s here! Now come and experience the world without a passport.

Rick Lewis

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