Nature & Outdoors


People have a tendancy to think of Florida as all theme parks and golf courses, but for the more informed we’re also known for our huge eco-tourism industry.  Whether you’re experiencing the peace and tranquility of the Florida Keys, the beauty of nature at her finest in the Everglades or sunbathing on one of our many world renowned beaches. Florida has so much to do and see for nature lovers. Come hike and bike our endless trails, take part in our popular canal kayaking and/or paddleboarding while taking in the sites of both old and new Florida. There’s plenty of swimming, surfing, fishing, boating and snorkeling opportunities for those who can’t get enough of our world famous seas, rivers, lakes and canals.  There’s even something here for the avid hunters among us.  Come and feel what it’s like to really live in a garden of eden as you pluck vine and tree ripened fruit from their stems. Mangos, oranges, strawberries, seagrapes, grapefruits and melons just to name a few. Experience life the way it was intended, visit Florida not only today, but as often as the opportunity presents itself. See you here!

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